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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keep your dryer running smoothly and effectively with top-notch dryer vent cleaning services from Steam Cleaning R.G.V. By keeping your dryer vent clean, you'll extend the life of your dryer, save on energy, and protect against potential fires.  


Our experienced team will use organic chemicals to eliminate dirt and dust that may be clogging your dryer vent and preventing your dryer from running at its full potential. They'll go into the attic and wash out the vent to ensure it is completely clean!

Our family-owned and operated business has been providing the best quality dryer vent cleaning service in the area.


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Keep your home allergy free and notice an immediate improvement in air quality and economize energy once you let us clean your a/c airducts and coils. We will help maintain the entire AC system more efficiently.

Importance of cleaning your A/C Air Duct Sytem

We here at R.G.V. recommend cleaning your A/C air ducts regularly so you aren’t breathing in that dirt, dust and grime. Our technicians use special equipment to reach throughout the vents, back to your main HVAC unit. No part of the duct system is left untouched, and all debris is collected back into our equipment for proper disposal.


Our A/C air duct technicians will access each duct to ensure the entire A/C duct system is clean and in top shape. That is how committed we are to getting your home pollutant-free and safe for your family. Other air duct cleaners may only reach as far as their equipment will allow them to, which does not make for a thorough clean. Just cleaning the vents and ducts but ignoring the HVAC unit can leave your system cleaning incomplete. Don't hesitate to ask our certified air duct cleaning professionals about the advantages of cleaning all HVAC components.

We will keep your A/C coils clean

One of the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective ways you can do for your home’s energy efficiency is to have your HVAC system’s coils inspected and cleaned. Dirty coils force compressors to run longer and work harder than required, increasing energy consumption and utility costs while decreasing equipment life and occupant comfort.


A dirty evaporator coil decreases airflow, resulting in reduced heat transfer and a degradation of the dehumidification process. These can cause overall air quality to decline and systems to fail, and decrease the life expectancy of HVAC motors due to increased heat while running.